Lucy Johns, Teacher of Darkroom Photography and Fine Art Photographer.

My photographs are recordings of the everyday. They are of strangers, still lives, subjects within the landscape, objects and people that have made a mark on my existence. 

I graduated from Bournemouth Arts University in 2011 with a 2:1 BA degree in Photography. My practice was centred around the ownership and qualities of antique 'found' photographs. I went on to explore their surface histories and appropriated them. Graduating, I was only just then beginning to warm up to darkroom photography, having spent hours with very patient friends who were more experienced in the medium than I at the time.

I was offered the job as Teacher of Photography at Rickmansworth School the very day after graduating from university and have been teaching in the Darkroom ever since. My work is influenced by Sally Mann and Francesca Woodman.

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All photographs are completely unique and made by the hands of the photographer.  

Each print varies slightly due to the nature of darkroom printing. Prints are available in a range of sizes and finishes on resin coated and fibre based paper. 

Photographs are also available window mounted and framed.

See what’s for sale at the print shop or contact Lucy for personal commissions; whether it’s a Fine Art print or intimate family portrait that you’re seeking, please be in touch.


'To have the heart to notice' as part of the 'PARADALIA' show for AUCB Photography Graduates at the Truman Gallery, Brick Lane, London, 2011.

'Noeme' at Charring Cross underground station, London, 2012.

'Wonder. Wander. Ponder ; 10 Years of Play' at But First Coffee, Harringay, London, September 5th - 30th 2016.

The Photographs in Wonder Wander Ponder embrace universal feelings and experiences. The photographs are taken in Great Britain and throughout Europe (including Italy, Greece, Spain). These images evoke feelings of wanderlust and escape, exploring playful visual metaphors for relationships, sensitivity, longing and joy.


I like to arrange, observe and contemplate subjects inside and outside of the frame. I’m concerned for and have a great appreciation of the natural world. I collect vintage wooden animals and paper mâché trinket boxes.

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